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Varsity Records Global planted its roots in the record label industry when musicians Loon and Zell came together and created a rapping style of their own. From there, we began to move forward in changing the sound and image of music with our unique style. We are now portraying this new sound of music by acknowledging not only the urban community, but also acting as a motivational speaker and figure in the community as well.

After making something of ourselves, we understood how important it is to give others that push they need to reach their full potential. Let us work with you to bring out the best in your music and yourself. Find how to use your life experiences to improve and expand upon your style, making it something unique to yourself. For us, it is all about making others believe that they can make it in the music industry and finding a way to get them there. Out of New York, we welcome aspiring musicians from across the US and in Canada.