Known for his radio, street, and political music styles, we proudly introduce musician, Zell. After high school, Zell moved to Atlanta from Rockland County in search freedom while still being capable of helping his family. With trouble brewing in Atlanta, he moved back to the Rockland County and met up with his friend. Together, they worked to create something big when they hit the studio in 2010, putting Zell's first mixtape together. Working side by side with the street behind them, they developed their first album, titled the GMFB Mixtape, with 12 songs released in 2012.

In 2012, alongside Loon and $tackz, we decided to try and find more talent, basing our company out of New York to bring back the unique sound of the area. Our music focuses on creating an awareness of reality through rhymes, sharing a message of how we feel while also showing how you can be upset and express your emotions better. With hip-hop, R&B, and other music genres available for purchase, we are now coming back, working to take that next step in developing new and upcoming artists the old fashioned way across the country and in Canada.